CocoaNymph East Hot Chocolate Festival Creations

With the Hot Chocolate Festival in full swing I’m quite enjoying myself and this whole thing is turning out to be a great way to spend time with friends.  This time around I met up with The Food Gays for a visit to Mt.Pleasant and CocoaNymph East.  This weeks hot Chocolate was The Noah but we were informed that we could also get the drink from last week if we wanted, it was a no brainer-bring on both hot chocolates!

The Noah is another one of the more unique flavors available during the Hot Chocolate Festival.  Rachel has come up with a balsamic drinking chocolate and topped it with house-made cherry marshmallows.  This drinking chocolate was definitely complex, the balsamic added a sourness that worked great with the cherry in the marshmallows.  Also in the drink I found some dried cherry’s, I’m not sure if they were from the marshmallows or added to the hot chocolate.  Overall this was a different drinking chocolate and I’m glad I tried it for its uniqueness.

Next up we have The Ayala, a jasmine drinking chocolate and topped with house-made juniper marshmallows.  This was the lighter in flavor of the two drinks not only in color but flavor.  When I took my 1st sip of the drinking chocolate I was hit with floral notes from the jasmine chocolate, light but sweet is how I would describe it.  The big flavor came from the juniper marshmallows, when I took one with my spoon the flavor was reminiscent of gin.

Both of CocoaNymph’s entries so far proved to be very unique and worth checking out of you’re looking for something a little different in the flavor department.

CocoaNymph East on Urbanspoon

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