Secret Location’s Hot Chocolate Festival Drinks


Time for more hot chocolate and another Hot Chocolate Festival venue, this time its Secret Location in Gastown and I joined the Food Gays who though of this place for their unique creations.  One thing I’ll just get out-of-the-way is the fact the room and it’s design and way it’s decorated is the star of the show here, I like it for its cleanness.

Jeremy had the Blond Mystique, a roasted white chocolate, candy cap, and cognac hot chocolate. Served with a brown butter Caramelia financier.  This drink can be described as tame looking but she packs a kick from the booze.

Adrian went with one of the more elaborate hot chocolates I’ve seen in a while, the appropriately named Aphrodite is a Nyangbo and parsnip hot chocolate, topped with whipped chocolate ganache and parsnip milk jam. Served with English Breakfast gelato that is dunked into the drink.  I’m thinking that I’m going to come back and have this one myself before the festival is over.

My choice of drink was the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a delicious smoked cinnamon mocha with chocolate marshmallows and caramel powder. Served with Manjari chocolate brownie.  Upon taking my 1st sip my mouth was enveloped in the warmth from the cinnamon, it was amazing.  As I drank more I would get one of the marshmallows and the tartness of the cocoa powder.  The Manjari chocolate brownie was rich in chocolate flavor with a moist and dense middle.

We all really liked our hot chocolates and the service was great and super informative.  Price wise Adrian’s and my drinks came in at $4.50 while Jeremy’s came in at $8 because of the alcohol in it.  This hot chocolate ranks up with some of the best I’ve had during the festival, to check out the Food Gays review and how they liked their drinks please click here.  Are you checking out the different Hot Chocolate Festival drinks?, what have been some of your favorites?

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