Schokolade Cafe’s Hot Chocolate Festival Creations


This weekend myself and Melissa made our way out to Hastings Sunrise and Schokolade Cafe for some hot chocolate.  They have a nice selection of drinks all costing $10, a the side item here you get 4 pieces of chocolate of your choice with each drink.

Melissa was craving the Bombay Spice, a chai spiced hot chocolate made with 70% single origin dark chocolate.  I took a taste of this and it was absolutely delicious, the warming spices of the chai were perfect with the chocolate.

My choice was the Canadian Classic, it’s like a melted chocolate hedgehog in a cup.  They use a 38% milk chocolate here so this drink ended up being quite sweet and is like a dessert in itself.  The chocolates I chose were a white chocolate caramel, a couple orange and chocolate combos-one inspired by the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year as well as a chocolate and peppermint combination.  All of the chocolates were all right fillings wise but I did find the chocolate on some a bit waxy.

Schokolade Cafe on Urbanspoon

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