Darby’s Duck Poutine


Now that the Hot Chocolate Festival is over its time for Vancouver Foodster’s Poutine Challenge! This is something that I’ve been waiting for since I missed it last year.  Taking place from February 5th to February 28th and featuring 21 different restaurants in Vancouver, Burnaby, Ladner, New Westminster, North Vancouver and White Rock the choices and options are vast and delicious.  After the festival you vote online for your favorite restaurant, the winner will be announced on March 3, 2013, voting takes place between February 26th to March 2rd, 2013.


The Executive Chef over at Darby’s-AJ Jackson has created a poutine that definitely will make your mouth water.


The Darby’s Duck Poutine has Kennebec fries,caramelized onions, duck confit, cambozola cheese and a rich red wine demi for the gravy.  The fries had a nice shoestring cut to them but the could have been a bit more crisp, otherwise they were flavorful and well seasoned. The duck confit melted in my mouth and the caramelized onions added a nice sweet note while imparting a rich roasted flavor.  The cheese was something totally different and balanced well with the duck, they also put just the right amount of cheese-too much would overpower everything.  The poutine was also served with some Switchback IPA, the beer cut the saltiness from the cheese and worked well with the red wine demi.  Overall I really loved this and it was a great way to kick off the Poutine Challenge, I’d totally order this again and its lick your plate worthy.

If you’re looking for a delicious and different poutine I’d highly suggest Darby’s Duck Poutine, it’s served everyday after 4pm and comes in at $12.95.  Stay tuned for more of my Poutine Challenge posts and I’d love to hear about any of the delicious poutines that you might eat during the Poutine Challenge.

**Disclosure-I was invited as part of a media tour and my poutine was compliments of Darby’s, my experience and opinion are completely my own.**

Darby's Public House on Urbanspoon

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