Crispy Chicken and Waffle Poutine


The Poutine Challenge continues and this poutine is isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen anywhere.  131 Water Restaurant and Bar have combined a 2 great dishes to make the Crispy Chicken and Waffle Poutine.  This Poutine Challenge creation is available during brunch/lunch hours from 12pm-4pm and comes in at $10.


This bad boy is a combination of hand cut fries, Belgian waffle, cheese curds, breaded fried chicken then smothered in white pepper gravy and finished with fresh cilantro.  The fries were beautifully crisp and nicely seasoned.  The crispy chicken was just that-crispy and delicious, the inside was juicy still while the outside was crunchy.  The waffles were broken up into individual squares and scattered throughout the poutine, they tasted OK but got soggy from the gravy.  The gravy itself was really good, it was the lightest white gravy I’ve ever had-usually it’s like wallpaper paste and it was seasoned nicely.  What would have made this a complete winner was if they put maple syrup in the waffle or served it on the side, the sweet would have broken up the savory richness and I’d ditch the cilantro for flat leaf parsley (personal taste).

If you’re looking for something completely different from any other poutine you’ve had or looking for a unique brunch item give the Crispy Chicken and Waffle Poutine at 131 Water Restaurant and Bar-just don’t forget to ask for a side of maple syrup if they have it.  Check out the other Poutine Challenge entries by clicking here and don’t forget to vote for your favorite between February 26th to March 2rd, 2013.

**Disclosure-I was invited as part of a media tour and my poutine was compliments of 131 Water Restaurant and Bar, my opinions and experience are completely my own.**

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