Pulled Pork Poutine from Vancouver FanClub


One of the best poutine bargains in the city is located at a place you wouldn’t think of, the new Vancouver FanClub on Granville Street.  Chef Josie has come up with a great combination of pulled pork, a house made chicken gravy and bourbon BBQ sauce for the Poutine Challenge.

The space is huge inside and live music plays regularly in the afternoon and evening.  The menu itself looks great and I can’t wait to get in and make a dent eating my way through it so stay tuned for an upcoming blog post.


This is the delicious creation that Chef Josie has come up with, the house smoked Pulled Pork in a Smoked Bourbon BBQ sauce, Cheese curds and a Chicken Gravy, Garnished with shredded Mozzarella and chopped parsley.  The thing that put a huge smile on my face is the fact that the kitchen has a smoker and they do all the meats in it as well as a killer bourbon BBQ sauce, having a lot of the items made in-house and the ability to get the most out of their product is how they have managed to get this price point for the poutine.


The poutine itself was absolutely delicious, the meat was moist and tender with a slight sweetness to it.  The chicken gravy was on the lighter side with a nice hint of smoke, it really allowed the pulled pork to shine through.  The fries were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Overall this was a delicious poutine and is something that I would recommend to anybody looking for a filling lunch or snack that won’t break the bank, it’s perfect with Vancouver FanClub’s wheat beer that they have on tap.

You can get this delicious creation through the end of February, 2013 for the Poutine Challenge and after that seeing it’s on the regular menu, don’t forget to vote for your favorite poutine between February 26th to March 2rd, 2013.

**Disclosure-I was invited as part of a media tour and my poutine was compliments of Vancouver FanClub, my opinions and experience are completely my own.**

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