BETA5 Cream Puffs


Recently I was heading to pick up some pies from The Pie Hole direct from the kitchen and stumbled upon BETA5 Chocolates-turns out 2 of my favorite things are neighbors!  After picking up my latest haul of pie I stopped in with Jenell to BETA5 for some chocolates but came out with something completely unexpected-cream puffs!  When I walked in and saw the display of items the cream puff decorations caught my eye.  I asked what the flavor selections were and I ended up going with 4, priced at just over $3 and change each there reasonably priced right considering the quality of the finished product.

The Chocolate cream puff is filled with a silky smooth semi-sweet chocolate pastry cream that reminded me of homemade chocolate pudding that my mom would make for me as a child.  The topping of the chocolate ganache was the same sweetness of the filling which kept it the star of the show.  The choux pastry on these cream puffs is a bit different from the norm, its sightly crunchy but still rich and had good strength to not fall apart.


The Orange Creamsicle cream puff was something that I’ve never had and the design is what caught my eye.  When I broke this in half there was a nice vanilla cream along with an orange jelly/sauce.  It was just like eating an orange creamsicle flavor wise but the decadent level was through the roof.  The decoration on the top was a vanilla bean infused glaze that added another level of sweetness.


The Passion fruit was a stand out for me.  When I bit into this I was hit with big passion fruit flavor combined with the rich pastry cream, it was absolutely amazing and made my mouth literally start watering.

The Salted Caramel was another winner for me.  the pastry cream was flavored with caramel plus they injected some extra salted caramel that was out of this world-this cream puff is up there with the best I’ve ever had.

This was the first of many visits I’m going to make to BETA5.  I also grabbed 2 individual chocolates-a salted chocolate caramel along with a lemon verbena made with 67% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic, both were the way great chocolate should be and I gobbled them up on the way home.  The BETA5 team keeps flavors changing so I’m looking forward to tasting their out of the box flavors.  The pie above is the Banana Cream Pie with To Die For Banana Bread crumbles, they are available at the following retail locations: Norton Commons, The Mighty Oak, and Nourish Market as well as online.  Thanks Jenell for introducing me to these lovely creations!

BETA5 Chocolates on Urbanspoon

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