Beignets de Carnaval


Thierry is home to all things delicious and for a limited time you can get a taste of New Orleans right here in rainy Vancouver.  Beignets are a must try item if you find yourself down in Louisiana especially in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

These light and airy fried wonders are dusted with powdered sugar and Thierry is serving them with your choice of chocolate or homemade raspberry jam for dipping.

The beignets themselves are studded with vanilla bean and have a nice slight yeast flavor note.  The beignet itself isn’t overly sweet like a traditional doughnut and are a rectangle shape which made for easy dipping.  I ended up getting both of the dips but ended up loving the raspberry jam.

Overall I really enjoyed these light pillows of fired goodness and wish they were on the menu year round.  Price wise they come in at just under $8 with your choice of dip, I’d recommend a latte with these delicious treats.

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe on Urbanspoon

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