Lunch at Doolin’s Irish Pub


Last Spring I was invited to come to a private tasting of Doolin’s new Spring menu, the flavors were all pretty good if you’re looking for pub food.  Recently I was contacted to come in to check out the new additions to the Spring menu so I insisted the help of my Food Wife Melissa to go for lunch.


We took it easy drink wise seeing it was midweek at 1:30PM.  My choice was the Granville Island Irish Red.  This beer was easy to drink with a crisp, apricot and finish.


We started with something that I had when I was in before, the Duck Bites are chipotle and ginger marinated duck pieces topped with spicy pickled jalapenos, wrapped in bacon and topped with a sweet sesame soy glaze and served with some mixed greens.  The duck was nice and meaty with the spiciness from the jalapeno worked well with the sweet sesame soy glaze.


Next up was something from the new Spring menu, Ahi Tuna Wonton Taco’s.  I will say it’s something that I’ve never seen on a Irish Pub menu-lightly seared tuna served on crispy wonton shells with fresh mango salsa and topped with light wasabi cream.  For us these weren’t a hit, the wasabi mayo kinda overwhelmed the flavor of the tuna and the wonton crumbled apart upon taking my 1st bite-thank god for the side plate I was holding.  Personally I would rather see a more Irish pub influenced appetizer like Guinness braised short rib sliders or something along those lines instead of something with ahi tuna.


For my main I went with the The lamb shank is with a red wine lamb jus, they serve it with mashed potatoes and a side of seasonal vegetables.  When this came to the table I was blown away with how big this lamb shank was, it was a very Fred Flintstone big hunk o’meat lamb shank!  The jus was very rich and had a nice tang from the red wine, I really liked the consistency of it.  The lamb shank was nice and big with a good amount of meat on the shank was great but I think I got mine a bit to early in the day as the meat didn’t have that pull off the bone tenderness I like, my friends Alvin and Sherman both had this dish but later in the day and it was perfect.  The mashed potatoes and veggies on the side were very good, I liked how the veggies weren’t cooked to death.  For $16 this is a great deal and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something to eat later in the day, that way your sure to get a melt in your mouth piece of lamb.


Melissa had the Chicken Soulvlaki Wrap with Fries for her lunch.  The wrap was everything you would expect in a soulvlaki dinner wrapped up in a pita, she especially liked the zingy feta and crisp veggies in the Greek salad filling.  This is something that I would order next time come in and is a great new addition to the Spring menu.


The menu items that we didn’t get to try look like they are worth a visit back to try and I’d suggest Doolin’s  if you’re looking to grab a beer and watch a game, the pub grub is good from what I’ve had before and I’d do the lamb shank for dinner for sure.  Doolin’s is a must visit on St.Patrick’s Day for sure and with a full day of event’s your sure to find something up your alley.

**Disclosure-Doolin’s invited me down to try some new dishes and covered the cost of all food and drink, my opinions are review of dishes are completely my own.**

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