Gokudo Shabu Shabu


It’s Spring and time for a new food adventure in the heart of Richmond and something that I’ve never had before-Japanese hot pot or as it’s properly called Shabu Shabu.  For this adventure I enlisted the help of Melissa my Food Wife and also Shabu Shabu first timer, when I let her know what was on the menu for the night she was a happy camper!  Gokudo is located in a strip mall just off Cambie Rd and Sexmith Rd, parking is typical Richmond style so please watch your doors!  Usually when I have heard of this type of meal it’s a communal pot of hot broth that everyone uses to cook the various ingredients but Gokudo is a little different offering individual pots and burners.

After being seated we were brought a dish of the house BBQ sauce as well as a little dish of chili paste to add to out hot pot if we wanted.  The BBQ sauce was on the sweet side with a nice amount of scallions and sesame seeds.

With the combo we got you get your choice of drink as well as starch, you can choose from rice, udon noodles or rice thread noodles.  For drinks I went with the ice green tea and Melissa choose a melon milk tea but they were out of it so she also got green tea, I loved it for its floral sweetness while Melissa don’t much care for hers.

Now let’s get on to the main event.  They have a ton of different soup bases to choose from and each person also gets a vegetable plate that also has a whole prawn as well as some fish cake and tofu based meat look a like’s.  Melissa went with the cilantro soup base while I chose the miso (didn’t grab a picture), mine was made with white miso and had seaweed and tofu in the broth while Melissa’s had fresh cilantro as well as preserved duck egg.  My broth was on the mild side and I think I should have gone with the spicy base, the cilantro soup base was very aromatic.

With our combo we got 40 pieces of meat between the two of us as well as a plate of appetizers for the hot pot.  After some talking with our server we went with lamb, pork, beef and chicken (the appetizer plate is just above the chicken).  The meat all cooks really quickly-the beef you just leave in for a second while the others take about a minute to cook.  I enjoyed all the meats but I will say my favorites were the beef and pork, they offer pork neck as well that I can’t wait to go back and try.  the appetizer platter consisted of some Vienna sausages, fried tofu puffs, Chinese doughnut and some fish balls, I tried a couple things but they didn’t work for me-just a personal palate thing.  Our combo also came with a choice of dessert but we passed-both of us were full and my back was giving me issues but keep your sweet tooth in mind if you make a visit.

Overall we both really enjoyed ourselves for the first time hot pot experience and will be back for more.  The combo we had is a featured Social Shopper deal they have available till tomorrow for $29 so head over to the site and grab a deal, for those lucky enough to grab a $29 package I wish you happy hot potting!

**Disclosure-our dining package was courtesy of Social Shopper and Gokudu Shabu Shabu for review purposes, my opinion and experience are completely my own.**

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