Fish House in Stanley Park

This walk in Stanley Park is one of my favorites visually this time of year and it leads to a restaurant known throughout the world.  Going to the Fish House in Stanly Park has long been a special occasion restaurant and a place you bring someone from out-of-town to experience some of BC’s best seafood.  The Fish House in Stanley Park is an Ocean Wise Seafood partner so your assured that you are getting sustainable and ethically sourced fish and seafood.

The restaurant is a gem in Stanley Park and the space is beautiful.  I’ve had a few special dinners here in the past so it hold great memories for me but it’s also a great place to come during the week in the afternoon for lunch, they have some great lunch specials and the prices on the regular menu is a bit lower than dinner.  Service here has been top-notch for me and the staff are always are there to answer any questions or make suggestions if needed.  They serve complimentary bread and a pour homemade lobster oil with some balsamic for you to dip your bread into (didn’t grab a picture unfortunately).  What I love about the Fish House’s is that it’s nice and mellow and not fishy like I’ve had at another famous seafood restaurant in town.

For my starter I had the Dungeness Crab Cakes that are served with a crab bisque sauce.  I knew these would be a solid choice when I ordered them but I had no idea just how great they would be.  The filling was 100% sweet crab with absolutely no filler, it was sweet and the filling was seasoned nicely with some herbs.  The breading was nice and crisp with a lot of the texture coming from panko.  They served the crab cakes on top of peppers and the crab bisque was packed full of crab flavor.  These ended up being some of the best crab cakes I’ve had in a longtime and recommend them to anyone.


My buddy got the Classic Caesar Salad, I didn’t get to try any he cleaned his plate.


For mains my companion had fish off the Simply Grilled Ocean Wise Menu, Sablefish in this case.  You pick your fish from a great list of choices and it’s plated with roasted baby potatoes, fresh local vegetables, roasted tomato relish and a lemon thyme beurre blanc.  The plate looked beautiful and ate just the same!  The fish was cooked perfectly but my buddy found a lot of bones in his piece.  One thing that was raved about were the roasted potatoes, my friend said they were absolutely delicious.


My choice of main was the Surf n’ Turf for 1.  You get a 6oz CAB sirloin and then add your seafood, the plate also comes with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and red wine jus along with some beet puree.  For my seafood I went with Alaskan Weathervane Scallops, they were grilled nicely and were sweet and succulent.  The steak was cooked just how I asked it to be and it was one damn fine piece of meat.  The sauce had a nice depth to it and the red wine came through nicely.  The garlic mashed potatoes were silky smooth with just the right amount of garlic.  Overall I loved my meal and would come back for it again in a heart beat.

Both of us had a great time and I’d already looking forward to the Salmon Festival dinner they will be having soon.  We did end up having a coffee at the end of the night and I had the Buttermilk Pie, it’s not at thick as a cheesecake but it’s rich and creamy and they brulee the top so it’s nice and crunchy (didn’t grab a photo because flash use wasn’t appropriate) so if you’re looking for a great dessert try it!  The restaurant will be doing a Mothers Day Brunch starting at 10am on Mothers Day so if you’re looking for someplace special I’d highly recommend the Fish House, make a reservation ASAP!

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