Smoke’s Poutinerie Granville Street


When I saw Smoke’s Poutinerie featured on Eat St. my mouth watered seeing all the delicious poutine’s coming out of the truck.  After initially watching the episode the excitement quickly grew when I saw they were franchising and 2 locations were set to open in Downtown Vancouver and in the West End by my place.  I made a stop at the Granville Street location seeing the West End one is still waiting to open and grabbed a special that caught my eye to go.

This is the Mega BBQ Mac’N’Cheese Poutine for $7.99.  They run different specials and this is the one for the time being.  When I opened this up I was completely disappointed and kinda disgusted that Kraft Dinner was in my poutine because the poster on the front window (it’s been removed now) showed the poutine with a traditional homemade looking mac and cheese and not KD.  When I took a bite I was expecting to taste the cheese from the mac and cheese but instead all I could taste was BBQ sauce, the cheese flavor was totally not there and I think they only used the pasta.  The gravy was alright but it was on the salty side and there could have been more of it.

Next I went back to Smoke’s and grabbed a Double Pork Poutine for $7.99.  How can you go wrong with classic poutine topped with pulled pork and bacon right.  This order I ended up taking home, when I made this visit the music in the restaurant was playing so loud you couldn’t have a conversation at the table AT ALL and the tables were literally vibrating from the bass in the music, he responded by slightly turning it down but still it was at a deafening level.


This poutine was more like fries in a box with stuff on top, once I ate the top layer I was left with greasy, soggy fries.  I really wish there was more cheese and that they mixed it in with the fries, the pulled pork was alright but was very sweet and tasted processed along with the bacon.

The overall experience at Smoke’s Poutinerie has been a disappointment, the food isn’t good and I think the local franchise here is giving the brand a bad name.  If you’re looking for some really great poutine head to Fritz on Davie and Granville or my favorite La Belle Patate and they’ll hook you up right.

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