Oysi Oysi Japanese Restaurant


Oysi Oysi Japanese Restaurant has been around for some years now on Alberni Street and has been the scene of a few lunches by my Food Wife Melissa.  I’ve passed by many times and looked over the huge menu in the window a few times but this was my first visit so Who better than Melissa to help me chow down.


Serving up a variety of dishes other than sushi actually looking over the menu table side was daunting to say the least, it’s not laid out properly so reading through everything is necessary to find what you want.  When we entered the hostess seated us and after some discussion we snagged a seat overlooking the sushi bar in the front.  I ordered a few different things and Melissa ordered a Rainbow roll.  After ordering we had 4 of 5 dishes within under 10 minutes at our table, really speedy if you’re in a rush but if you’re looking for a leisurely lunch tell them to slow things down.


To start we shared some textbook Gomae.  This is a favorite of Melissa’s and it’s something that I have grown to love.  The dressing had a good amount of sesame flavor to it and the spinach was blanched well with it retaining great color.


Pork Gyoza’s were something I ordered but it would seem they forgot to make them so these actually came at the end of the meal.  The dumpling skin was alright and the filling was well seasoned and had a nice mouth feel to it the one thing I couldn’t get over was the completely uneven browning of the bottoms.


For something a bit more substantial we got an order of the Tuna Tataki.  The tuna had an even seer on it and the pieces were large but it did have a slightly fishy taste to it.  On top they used a large amount of dressing but it was alright because it was nice and light with a great hint of citrus.  Under the tuna was a large amount of blanched red onion and some greens, I would have liked more greens and less onion seeing I left a lot of them on the plate.


This was my roll that I ordered, the classic Dynamite Roll.  Again this was pretty text-book in presentation and ingredients.  When I was eating this it was clear that it wasn’t rolled tight enough and the rice was on the hard side, flavor wise though it was seasoned nicely.


Like I mentioned earlier Melissa got the Rainbow Roll.  The plating of this roll was nice with a variety of fish on top of the roll, red tuna, ebi and salmon along some other kind of fish rounding out the mix.  I ate the ebi along with the red tuna and really enjoyed what I tasted, the rice to filling ratio was really good.

Overall the meal came in at $33 and change which was a great value for 2 people but I will say the service is really lacking, I had to flag down 2 different servers to ask for some water and after our dishes were brought out no one came back to check in on us.  With the menu being so big and offering a lot of different things like chicken wings and some Thai inspired dishes a smaller more focused menu would result in better quality food.

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