Quick Noms:The Last Crumb Bakery & Cafe


Last weekend I found myself in need of some eats and treats in the Mt.Pleasant area and The Last Crumb Cafe fit the bill 100%.  I was introduced to this place by my friends The Food Gays, they both like the desserts along with the sandwiches offered.  I was in the mood for an iced Americano along with one of their delicious baked goods and I will say they make some great espresso, my espresso shots were well poured with a nice depth of flavor and beautiful crema.


I ordered one of their Scallion and Cheddar Scones for something savory, the server warmed it up for me in the oven so it was nice and warm when I dug in.  The scone was packed with cheddar cheese that had a great flavor and the scallions added a nice bite and complimented the cheese.  The scone inside was moister than I expected with a fluffiness to it.

How can I not get something for dessert, it was between a piece of Chocolate Cake or a Chocolate Chip Vanilla Sandwich Cookie-the cookie won out.  The butter cream frosting was thick but still squished out nicely when I took a bite and it had a full vanilla flavor.  I like my cookies chewy and this chocolate chip gem didn’t disappoint what so ever.  The cookie had really nice sizable chocolate chunks in it and overall it was a pleasure to eat!

If you find yourself in the Main and 14th area and are looking for a great bite and a quite place to get some work done I’d highly suggest a visit to The Last Crumb Bakery & Cafe.

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