Aussie Pie Guy

When you think of ideal street food, something that’s easy to eat and won’t make a mess are right at the top of the list for me.  That’s why I was excited to check out The Aussie Pie Guy. One of the newest street food vendors to take up residence at the Hamilton Street Food Pod in Vancouver, B.C., The Aussie Pie Guy serves up a tasty Australian street food tradition that’s as delicious as it is easy to eat.

Matt Fitzhardinge, Linda Lowery and Kayleigh Lum had traveled and lived in Australia and fell in love with Aussie pies.  However, when they returned to Vancouver they searched high and low for these authentic Aussie delights and found none.  That’s when they deiced to take matters into their own hands and The Aussie Pie Guy was born. Now, after sailing through the food cart selection process, they’ve hit the street running!

The Aussie Pie Guy offers a selection of freshly baked pies with fillings that range from beef, chicken and completely vegan and gluten-free options. They also have a dessert pie to round out the line up.  All the pies use local proteins, vegetables and beer and wine in the gravy, as well as using butter in the pie crust and shortening in the vegan and gluten-free pies.


The classic Aussie Pie is a meat pie filled with chunks of free range B.C. beef and organic onion in a pepper gravy made with Howe Sound Rail Ale from Squamish, B.C.  When I took my first bite I noticed the depth of flavour in the pepper gravy. The onions really came through and then it was all about the tender chunks of beef.  This pie was a pleasure to eat and the flaky, buttery pastry really brought everything together.


The Veggie Pie is packed with organic yam, potato, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and onion with goat cheese and sun-dried tomato and topped with lemon basil aioli.  Quite simply, this pie is a veggie lover’s dream. The roasted vegetables have big flavour and the goat cheese adds a nice tang to the pie with the aioli also adding a bright lemon zing.


One of my favorite pies I tried was the Shane’s Pie which is named after their friend Shane.  It’s filled with tender free range B.C. beef short rib and vegetables with a red wine au-jus and apricot hoisin sauce over mashed potatoes.  The short ribs are full of depth of flavour and the apricot hoisin adds a unique sweetness with the red wine au-jus bringing a great savoury note. This pie is worth a visit alone!


The Sweetie Pie is apple pie done the Aussie way.  They start with organic B.C. apples, add cinnamon with a layer of creamy vanilla bean custard, and then bake it to a beautiful golden brown.  Again, this was a pleasure to eat with the sweetness from the apples and creamy custard combining to make a beautiful dessert you can eat while walking down the street.

With all these new additions to the Vancouver Street Food scene I’d say the Aussie Pie Guy is a perfect fit and they sure have been welcomed by hungry Vancouverites who know a good thing when they bite into it!  You can find the Aussie Pie Guy at the Hamilton Street Food Pod on Hamilton Street near Georgia Street serving up deliciousness wrapped in pastry.

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