Get In On The #SecretMenu From Triple O’s


Triple O’s is a great go to spot if you’re looking for a good quality cheeseburger that is White Spot quality just at a faster pace. With White Spots 85th Anniversary happening right now the Triple O’s restaurants have come up with the something for true White Spot fans. They have come up with the Secret Menu, a special burger that will make your heart stop.


This is the Secret Menu item, the Triple Triple! What you get is simple, It’s actually Triple Os biggest burger yet- a ¾ lb burger made with triple beef patties, triple cheese, lettuce, tomato and Triple “O” sauce topped with triple dills. All I can say is that this was a behemoth of a burger, with all the meat and cheese it made it near impossible to eat so I cut it in half which helped. Flavor wise it was good and what I have come to expect from Triple O’s but I would recommend adding fried onions to your burger. If you’re a fan of a huge burger and like a challenge then ask for a Triple Triple next time you’re in, price wise it comes in at $9.99-heart defibrillator extra!

If your going to be having a Triple Triple then you might as well have some Deep Fried Dills! I am a huge fan of deep-fried pickles after having them down in the United States where they are a staple. My hunt up here in Canada hasn’t been so successful because no one does them in the round slices which is the ideal and perfect way to make fried pickles. These were AWESOME, breaded with a light coating and not overly greasy I popped these baby’s one by one in my pie hole. Price wise they come in at just under $4 per order with a side of ranch dip.


To wash all of this down I felt the S’mores Milkshake was just right and I figured #YOLO! Triple O’s has this promotional drink available for the next 2 weeks or so. They hand scoop their great ice cream and add all they good things that up a s’more minus the fire and put it in an easy to drink form, perfect for my walk home from Kits. This was a nice twist on the usual chocolate shake that I would normally get.

The Triple Triple is definitely one of the biggest and meatiest burgers I’ve had in a longtime and a great way to celebrate White Spots 85 years in business, ask for the Secret Menu burger and if they look at you like your nuts just say you want a Triple Triple!

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