Signature Dishes Tour #13-Little Sheep Mongoilan Hot Pot


The latest Chinese Bites Signature Dishes Tour took me to Burnaby across from Metropolis to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.  Little Sheep is the largest hot-pot chain in the world with 300 locations across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the United States.  With a large open dining room and patio for seating for various sizes of groups Little Sheep also has private rooms in the back.  For this dinner the usual Chinese Bites crew of Diana Chan, Amy Smith, Kevin Wu, Grace Cheung, Sherman Chan, Rick Chung and Alvin Lee was in attendance and we put a good dent in the menu!

We were served a couple carbs before our meal, the Chinese Donut was really good here and not drenched in honey like other places serve it.


What I call sesame bread was also served.  The bread itself was light and airy with a nice crunch outside from the sesame seeds.

We also checked out some Beef and Lamb Skewers.  The beef (red handles) were my favorite by far with the meat being nicely seasoned and tender.  I found the lamb slightly tougher and it had a gamey flavor to it.


The broth was split with spicy and the house original soup base.  All the soup bases are made fresh in-house every day and they also don’t add MSG.  They also have a sauce bar outside in the dining room with soy, black vinegar, satay, peanut and both chili oil and sauces to make your perfect dipping sauce combinations.

All of the items were really good with the exception of the mussels (slightly on the fishy side).  The fatty beef and lamb slice along with the dumplings were my favorites.  The veggies served were also nice and fresh with most having great flavor, we had some kind of greens that basically tasted like dirt that I would avoid next time.

Overall the experience at Little sheep Mongolian Hot Pot was really good.  The service is quick and the food selection is very good with freshness not being an issue.  If you’re looking for a hot-pot experience I’d suggest Little Sheep if you find yourself in the Metrotown area.  Price wise you can get AYCE for $19.95/person 7 days a week between 3pm-12am.

**Disclosure-as a reviewer my meal was comped by Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot but my opinions are completely my own and were not influenced by the restaurant or**

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (Burnaby) 小肥羊火鍋連鎖店 on Urbanspoon

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