Vancouver Barista Signature Beverage Challenge


The Vancouver Foodster’s Vancouver Barista Signature Beverage Challenge is in full swing and Barista’s from Surrey to Vancouver are taking part.  Participating cafes are featuring there Baristas who have created a new unique beverage creation (Baristas created a must try signature beverage (this beverage could-not be on the cafes’s menu, it must be a new beverage creation) to enter in this Barista Signature Beverage Challenge. The Signature Beverage must be available on their menu throughout the promotion. The Baristas creation could be simple to fancy, using unique and innovative ingredients, any type, as simple or indulgent as they wanted, perhaps with coffee, tea or without.

Some of the unique Signature Drink Creation’s I’ve tried so far are:

From Mt.Pleasant and Continental Coffee, Nick Allan’s Dark Chocolate, Roasted Garlic, and Orange Essence Macchiato and Hanna Little’s Kona Berry Superfruit Lemonade.

Continental Coffee House on Urbanspoon

At the Betty on Burrard Angela Ogniben has brought an Italian classic and put a Canadian twist and created the Shakerato Canadese.

Betty by Blenz on Urbanspoon


Chocolatier and Barista Paul Dincer has created a Harem a la Turca with optional Courvoisier Cognac.

Koko Monk on Urbanspoon

The Vancouver Foodster’s Vancouver Barista Beverage Challenge runs till September 25th, 2013 and a complete list of participating Barista’s and beverages as well as voting info can be found here.

**Disclosure-my drinks were compliments of the various vendors for review purposes, my opinion and experience are completely my own.**

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