Persian Eats From Zeitoon Denman


The West End is a Flavor Town Adventure all within 5 x 8 blocks squared and Zeitoon has the Persian and Iranian area of the world locked down.  Operating just off Denman Street on Pendrell the little grill house has made a name for themselves and the packed tables night show they are doing things right.  On a typical rainy Vancouver night a couple of weeks ago I was hankering for some eats but not looking to go out, this is when I remembered Zeitoon does delivery.  After checking out the website I ordered a couple of the daily specials and settled in for a night of Grand Theft Auto V and Middle Eastern noms.

I’ll start with the picture above, served with every meal is pita and butter.  I’ve never seen butter served at any other restaurants but I actually really like it especially with sumac in the butter which is usually sprinkled on the rice to add a unique tang.


Out of the 2 dishes I ordered the Ghormeh Sabzi Stew ($7.95 reg $10.95) was definitely the heavier of the two.  It’s a stew of sautéed vegetables cooked with dried limes, beef chunks, red kidney beans and special seasonings and is served with rice and olives.  This dish was big on flavor with the dried lime adding a unique tang combined with the brininess of the olives.  The meat was nice and tender with a nice amount of juiciness still, it was also pretty lean.  The kidney beans added to the heartiness of the stew as well as adding texture.

The other dish I ordered was the Boneless Chicken Kebab with rice, grilled tomato and olives ($10.95 reg $12.95).  I’ve had this type of kebab before and for me it’s all about the marinade, this was flavorful and well grilled but the chicken was on the dry side at the ends of the kebab.  Also with the meal is a charred tomato, the tomato I got with my meal was indeed well charred and cooked thoroughly.  The olives were like the ones with my stew, very flavorful and tangy.

Overall I enjoyed the food I ordered and the price was reasonable.  One draw back with delivery though is it took an hour so I think I’ll do pick up next time-they have a roasted lamb shank that looks delicious.

Zeitoon Restaurant and Grill House on Urbanspoon

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