Lunch at Kamei Baru


Recently myself and Melissa stopped into Kamei Baru for some Japanese eats.  This is the old location of Ensemble Tap and they have really given the space their own touch.  After ordering our food we both got some miso soup, they serve it in a cup here which we both really liked.  Flavor wise it was alright and pretty standard for a complimentary miso soup.


They have a variety of Japanese tapas so I got an order of the Seared Tuna Taco’s.  I had these at the grand opening I attended here and really liked them so I was eager to give them a go again.  This time around I found the tuna to be on the drier side and the crunch and texture of the shell over shadowed the ingredients.


Melissa went with an order of Spinach Gomae which was beautifully plated and equally delicious.  The spinach was actually chopped finely with a good amount of nutty sauce or vinaigrette that had great flavor.


Also on order from Melissa was the Chicken Teriyaki and Sashimi Box.  I ended up eating the rolls from this box, flavor wise they were just fine but the amount of rice used was on the “thin” side.  One thing that I have notice at the other Kamei owned restaurant is the cook of the rice, here I’ve found it to be not glutenous enough (pictured above and below with it not holding together in the roll) along with it being on the over cooked side.


I ended up eating Melissa’s sushi rolls from her box so an order of the Vancouver Roll was a must seeing she loves smoked salmon.

My choice was the Pork Cutlet Curry that also came with a side salad.  The salad for me was totally out-of-place with its balsamic vinaigrette and candied beet root strings, flavor wise it was alright but I would have preferred the dressing usually used on Japanese salads.  The breaded pork cutlet was nice and crispy on the outside and well seasoned but the meat was on the dry side with a notable toughness to it.  As for the curry it was flavored nicely with a good depth of flavor that I haven’t had in Japanese curry before.  The spice level wasn’t spicy at all and it had a sweetness to it along with an almost black color to it.  They also offer chicken as well as oyster curry if that’s more up your alley.

Overall things were OK with our meal and price wise everything came to $49 and change so it’s also priced right but the execution of dishes was just slightly off for me.  One thing that can be said without a doubt is the location is a killer with Ensemble Tap being the previous restaurant, Kamei Baru is also suffering from the empty table and no customer problem.

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