Lost + Found Cafe-Heavenly Bread


In the heart of the Downtown Eastside sits the Lost + Found Cafe.  This neighborhood gem has only been open for just about a year now, they have a great cafe along with an art gallery in the back. They have quickly made a name for themselves as a solid coffee and lunch spot with great sandwiches, salads and baked goods all done in-house.  The cafe is a favorite of the Food Gay’s and they were the one’s who told me about the amazing bread they make.  You get your choice of bun for your sandwich, when we visited they had about 5 different choices and it’s made fresh throughout the day.

For my sandwich I went with the BLT on a cheddar bun.  The bread is nice and dense but still has a softness to it and the moisture level was great.  When I bit in I got a nice tang from the cheddar cheese, the toppings on the sandwich were each top-notch and the salad had a nice bright lemon vinaigrette on it.  This was a classic BLT but the bread really took it to another level and was the star of the show.

Overall I really enjoyed my meal at the Lost and Found Cafe and would recommend it to anyone, the food was delicious and well priced with a nice variety of eats.

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