Longtail Kitchen:Killer Thai at the River Market

The River Market is home to some amazing eats.  Located next door to Re-Up is Angus An’s Longtail Kitchen where Chef Justin Cheung is serving up Thai-style dishes.  Inspired by the amazing River Markets of Thailand Longtail puts a modern take on Thai street food and the flavors that have made the region so popular.  I’ve made a couple of trips out here for lunch, one with Melissa and the other was just myself so this post is a combination of the two.


First up in the appetizers section Hand Pulled Roti ($5) and Chicken Satays with Peanut Sauce ($6).  When I saw hand pulled roti in the specials area I knew I had to get an order.  I chose the peanut sauce but it is also available with condensed milk and also banana if you’re looking for a sweeter option.  The roti itself was denser than I’ve had but it still had some good flaky layers and wasn’t overly greasy.  The satay had nice grill marks which imparted nice flavor in the meat and it had a good moisture level.  The peanut sauce was really delicious with nice chunks of peanut and a slight sweetness to it.


We were surprised with a double order of Deep Fried Oysters ($6 for 3 pieces).  When I originally went to order my food I wanted the wings but they just sold the last order of the day.  I’m not an oyster lover at all so Melissa had a few, they were quite large and had a nice thin batter on them so it really showed off the oyster.  One thing that Melissa did comment on was the dipping sauce and how well it went with the oysters richness.


I really enjoyed the Green Papaya Salad ($6) that I had on my second visit.  Each order is pounded in the mortar and will literally make your mouth water with the sour, salty, savory, spicy and sweet flavors.  The papaya still had nice crunch to it and I enjoyed the carrot, tomatoes and Chinese Long Beans with the chopped peanuts


These Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($8) are something to make a trip alone for.  The wings have a real light cornstarch batter on them which makes for a beautiful crunch and are sprinkled with toasted rice flour, fried shallots and galangal.  Biting into my first one I was blown away with the explosion of spice, subtle sweetness and savory flavors.  They also serve a dipping sauce with the wings that is outta this world, the spice of it combined with the hint of fish sauce add a unique tang to the wings.


Being a lover of all things noodles I also had the BBQ Pork Soup Noodles ($10).  This was a really light bowl of noodles with the broth nearly crystal clear with a nice mix of herbs, bean sprouts and fried shallots adding hints of flavor and texture.  The pork had a good amount of moisture in it with a nice sweetness, it worked great with the light flavors of the soup.


Melissa had the Hot and Sour Soup ($10).  This was packed with clams and beautiful oyster mushrooms (which I enjoyed as she doesn’t dig them) in a rich spicy coconut broth. The broth had a nice tang to it along with a spicy kick, the mushrooms did a great job soaking up that soup.


Lastly we split an order of the Pad Thai with Prawns ($12).  I absolutely loved this Pad Thai and it’s one of he best I’ve ever had.  This is their top-selling item in the menu and I can totally see why.  The sauce wasn’t that sweet ketchup version you see at a lot of other places instead they use the traditional tamarind based sauce.  The overall dish was really well-balanced flavor wise with a nice spicy kick but I did wish they put more prawns and tofu in it.

Overall I really enjoyed the dishes I’ve had at the Longtail Kitchen and am looking forward to eating my way through the rest of the menu!  All the dishes were very well though out and you could taste the passion for food the Chef has!

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