Burger Heaven


One of New Westminster’s most popular restaurants is serving up something close to my heart-killer burgers.  The appropriately named Burger Heaven is a place that any resident of the city will recommend if you’re looking for a great burger.  Myself and Melissa came here last weekend for lunch and since Melissa has eaten here before it wasn’t hard to convince her to join me.  Besides having the traditional beef burgers they also have chicken and veggie as well as a nice selection of wild and exotic selections like elk and buffalo.

My choice of burger was their most popular on the menu, the BBQ Cheddar and Bacon Burger ($12.39).  The burger comes with your choice of potato wedges or garden salad-I opted for salad because my veggie consumption was low for the week and Melissa went with wedges.  The burger was topped with the classic toppings-lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and mayo along with chopped red onion and you get you choice of white or multigrain bun.  The burger patty was nice and thick with a good char on it, the cheddar and bacon flavours came through great and the BBQ sauce added another level of smokiness.  My salad was on point and I ended up eating 1/2 of Melissa’s wedges which were totally awesome, they had a great crisp outside with a fluffy inside.

Overall we really enjoyed our burgers and I would totally recommend it to anyone who loves burgers, it’s right by the New West Skytrain Station and well worth a trip out for one or two!  They also make their own desserts including a killer cheesecake which they were out of unfortunately so another visit is already in order in the works.

Burger Heaven on Urbanspoon

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