Triple O’s Smokehouse Burger

Triple O’s has introduced a new special burger called the Smokehouse Burger so with my love of burgers this was something I had to give a try.  I stopped by the newest Triple O’s location located in the CBC Plaza on Hamilton St and Georgia.  The new location is bright and spacious with 3 huge screen TV’s for your viewing pleasure and they also serve beer!


This is the Smokehouse Burger with smoked cheddar cheese, hickory smoked bacon, frizzled onions, chipotle and BBQ sauce. Biting into this the tray was met with a shower of BBQ sauce and lettuce-this is one messy burger! Flavour wise the smoked cheese is definitely present with its unique heavy smokiness, the BBQ sauce and bacon do add another level of smoke flavour but the cheese kind of dominates the whole burger. Other than the flavours of the burger the meat was juicy, the bun was just right and the bacon was cut thick.

The burger overall delivered on what was described in the ad, the burger does indeed have the flavours of the smokehouse.  Besides the burger I did really like the new location in the CBC Plaza, it’s a spacious and bright space and you can pick up a beer for under $4!

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