Japanese Parfait’s on Robson Street


Japan is known for their unique and usually over the top take on North American and European desserts.  On Robson Street is a small Japanese grocery store that also has a dessert counter serving crepes and parfait’s.  Melissa has been here before to pick up tea but has never visited the dessert bar so I thought we should make a visit after dinner at Dinesty a couple of weeks ago.

We got both of the specialty parfait’s, Melissa got the Green Tea and I went with the Pudding Parfait.  Melissa’s greet tea dessert had corn flakes, green tea cake, pearl jelly, red bean, green tea ice cream, green tea soft serve and topped with a vanilla wafer.  She really enjoyed the flavours and different textures in the dessert, I gave it a try and the green tea flavour was directly there-slightly too much for my taste.  My pudding parfait had the corn flakes, white cake, pearl jelly, vanilla ice cream & soft serve, a WHOLE creme caramel, whipped cream and vanilla wafer.  Digging into this was like finding buried treasure but quickly I realized how difficult this thing was going to be to eat with the flimsy plastic spoon.  Flavour wise this was very vanilla forward with it being used in almost every ingredient in varying amounts, after a while it got to be too much for me and the sweetness of the dessert was off the charts.  The creme caramel was nice in texture and flavour, the custard wasn’t to eggy and I loved the pearl jelly.

If you’re looking for a sugar fix and have a taste for Japanese desserts give Bon Crepe in the 1200 block Robson Street a try.  Overall I found the parfait to sweet for my taste but I’d still recommend giving them a try.

Bon Crepe on Urbanspoon

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