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Located on the shores of Lake Okanagan sits the Manteo Resort and Villa’s which is home to Smack DAB, the property’s Premium Casual Dining restaurant.  The restaurant is home to Kelowna’s largest outdoor patio which is literally right on the lake.  Smack DAB took over the space from the previous restaurant in March 2013 and has quickly become a go to place for lake front eats and drinks.

The restaurant is also home to the city’s largest selection of craft beer, they have 12 taps as well as at least 20 by the bottle so they take their brews just as seriously as the food.  If you’re not a beer drinker they also have you covered with a great wine list and wine flights featuring what the Okanagan is known for.  A couple of brews caught my eye when I was looking at the beer list.  I ended up going with the Tin Whistle Peach Cream Ale and a Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale by Whistler Brewing Company, both were absolutely amazing and delivered well-balanced flavours.


To start our end of the table decided to order a few appetizers to share.  The Teriyaki Glazed Ribs ($14) with house pickled vegetables, honey roasted cashews and apple ginger puree were tender and the meat came away from the bone nicely.  The glaze on the ribs was well-flavored with a good balance of sweet and salty in the form of soy.  The apple and ginger puree added some zip along with freshness with the great Okanagan apples.


The Smack DAB Crazy Fries ($8) with house cut Kennebec potatoes tossed in roasted garlic, parsley and lemon with a side of garlic aioli are a must order item.  The fries were double cooked to perfection, the outside had a nice crispness with a fluffy inside.  What really stood out for me was the sauce the fries were bathed in, it had all those flavour factors that make your mouth literally water.  Hands down these were a hit with the whole table and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Next up were the Prawn Tacos ($17) with chili butter glazed prawns, hot sauce aioli, avocado cream, shaved cabbage, mango jalapeno relish & cilantro on a flour tortilla.  The prawn in this were cooked just enough to provide the characteristic snap without being rubbery and the chili butter added a slight spice to them.  The hot sauce aioli for me didn’t stand out all that much but the mango jalapeno relish


The other tacos we ordered were the Spicy Korean Beef Tacos ($16) with sweet mayo, shaved cabbage, pickled carrot, jalapeno, cilantro & pineapple salsa on a flour tortilla.  These were really yummy with a good amount of well seasoned, flavorful beef and a good amount of fresh jalapenos in the mix.  Out of the 2 different types of tacos we ordered these were my favorite hands down.


For my entrée choice I went with a burger-you know me!  The Smokin’ Beef and Cheddar Burger ($16) is a 8 oz burger with caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, lettuce, vine ripe tomato, pickled onion, pickle, aged white cheddar & spicy aioli and served with house cut fries.  This was a great burger, the patty was nice and juicy with a good char broil on it.  Toppings wise the burger was definitely loaded with the pickled red onion and cheese being my favorite, the onion cut through the strong flavour of the cheese.  One thing that I didn’t dig too much was the gluten-free bun, it didn’t hold together nicely and I think a brioche bun would be a better option.

The rest of the table enjoyed these entrees:


The classic Margherita Pizza ($13) with fresh basil and bocconcini.


Beer Can Chicken ($21).  A Beer brined and slow roasted half chicken, chipotle broccoli slaw, traditional baked pork & beans and peach bbq sauce.


Lastly Crispy Steelhead Trout ($23) served with a warm double smoked bacon potato salad, organic BC mushrooms, green beans, oven dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, shallots with a Mediterranean dressing & tarragon aioli.  I snagged a bite of this dish, the fish was cooked beautifully but I did find the potato salad and mushrooms to be overly salty with the bacon and olives which took away from the whole dish IMO.


For dessert I went with the Mille Feuille ($7) with lemon curd, seasonal macerated berries, raspberry coulis and frozen peach yogurt.  Flavour wise this was right up my alley with the dessert being on the tart side rather than sweet.  The filling for the mille feuille was well-balanced but the puff pastry was sightly soggy.  I would say my favorite part of the dessert was the lemon curd and the fresh fruit, the tartness and natural sweetness of the two made my mouth water.

The rest of the table enjoyed the following desserts:


The Smack DAB Sundae ($8) with house spun peanut butter ice cream, salted beer caramel hot fudge, house made peanut brittle & whipped cream with a cherry on top!  Again I sampled this and it’s something I would order, the ice cream was nice and rich with a smooth mouth feel.  If you’re a lover of the chocolate and peanut butter combination this dessert is just for you!


Fried Okanagan Apple Pie ($7) with English toffee crumble, toasted pecans, sauce Anglaise, whiskey caramel sauce and house made vanilla ice cream.


Lastly here is the Cookies and Cream ($8) dessert with dark and white chocolate pudding, salted caramel & soft whipped cream garnished with an ice cream sandwich for dipping.

Overall dinner at Smack DAB was a good, casual way to kick off a weekend of great eating in Kelowna.  The beers were great and the food was good excusing the few seasoning issues I experienced.  If you’re looking for some lake front dining with great beer and wine selections the Manteo Resort and Smack DAB should be on your list.

**DisclosureI was a guest of Tourism Kelowna and my transportation, accommodation and all meals were taken care of. I am not receiving any compensation for writing about my experiences and all opinions are 100% my own.  Tourism Kelowna or the businesses mentioned have not reviewed this post before publication.**

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