Sunset Organic Bistro at Summerhill Pyramid Winery

After a great morning exploring the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market as well as Old Meadows Organic Farm it was time for out 1st winery visit of the trip.  Our destination was Summerhill Pyramid Winery and lunch at Sunset Organic Bistro overlooking the beautiful vineyard.  The vineyard or property is a popular place to get married and they end up doing hundreds of weddings a year, they have a full banquet area on the lower level under the bistro.

The Summerhill property was bought in 1986 by the Cipes Family who moved to Kelowna from New York and they did their first experimental crush of wine in 1990 with the winery being established in 1991.  The family’s love of Mother Nature and all her glorious beauty drove them to convert all their vineyard holdings to organic status shortly after the property was acquired in 1986.  Summerhill grows a variety of grapes including Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Ehrenfelser, Gewürztraminer, Muscat and Zweigelt.

The Pyramid is an extremely integral part of the winery as all the wines are barrel aged in it.  Walking into the pyramid and up the stairs into the interior you are struck with a feeling of calmness as well as coolness as the structure is naturally cooled.  They not only age the wines in this room but also hold spiritual gatherings throughout the year, besides the vines this really is the heart of the operation!  Ascending into the pyramid your surrounded by barrels of aging wine and a unique coolness temperature wise, with the heat of the Okanagan this is a great refuge.

After checking out the pyramid we all settled into a table overlooking the vineyard and Lake Okanagan, the view was amazing and I could get lost in it for days!  The bistro serves up dishes created using ingredients sourced from organic BC farmers as well as from the on-site raised-bed chef gardens.  The style of food is very Pacific Northwest with a focus on seasonal ingredients so the menu changes regularly.  We ended up ordering a bunch of stuff to share appetizer wise and got a main course each for lunch.


First to hit the table was the Hearth Breads & Picnic Spreads Board with fresh-baked wheat & organic white breads, garlic goat cheese, curry lentil hummus and olive tapenade.  The breads were all really good with both leaning on the heavier/dense side which held up nicely with the spreads, the garlic goat cheese and the curry lentil hummus were my favorites of the dips.


Next up was the Cheese Board that comes with a selection of 3 cheeses from the daily selection, honeycomb, seasonal fruit, roasted nuts and crackers.  The star of this board for me was the goat cheese and the candied nuts-they were super addictive and I couldn’t stop munching on them.


Lastly of the appetizers the table got a couple Super Food Salads made with local tree fruit vinaigrette, mixed lettuces,goat cheese,bee pollen, chia seeds, quinoa, buckwheat groats and hemp hearts.  They sure packed a lot of goodness in this salad but I will say the balsamic used totally overwhelmed the flavor of the salad.  What I liked about this salad was the buckwheat groats and the cheese used in the salad-again that goat cheese is amazing!


For my main course I went with the Argo Dolce Pizza with Schinken ham, balsamic raisins, caramelized onion, fresh mozzarella and Summerhill garden arugula.  Biting into this pizza I definitely got a nice mix of sweet and sour along with smokiness from the ham.  The crust was also really good, the texture was firm enough so the pizza wasn’t soggy but it wasn’t hard.


Overall I really enjoyed my visit and time spent at Summerhill, the passion for great time and love of good food came through clearly, if you are planning a trip to the Okanagan I would definitely suggest a visit to Summerhill Pyramid Winery and the Sunset Organic Bistro, for more information about the wines and property you can click here.

**DisclosureI was a guest of Tourism Kelowna and my transportation, accommodation and all meals were taken care of. I am not receiving any compensation for writing about my experiences and all opinions are 100% my own.  Tourism Kelowna or the businesses mentioned have not reviewed this post before publication.**

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