Dinner at RauDZ Regional Table

For our last evening in Kelowna a special dinner was in order and I think RauDZ Regional Table was a perfect choice.  The restaurant is owned and operated by the award-winning team of Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao, the menu is focused on using regional products and ingredients and the walls are linked with portraits of the very farmers and suppliers the restaurant deals with.  RauDZ is the reincarnation of the four diamond and multi award-winning fine dining restaurant Fresco which they were involved with for 8 years.  Last week RauDZ was awarded GOLD for Best Place to Take a Date, Best Fine Dining, Best Local Chef, Best Romantic Dining and a Silver for Best Burger by the Kelowna Now Newspaper.  Before dinner we had drinks at RauDZ sister place a couple doors down-Micro Bar & Bites.

The drinks and wines are all great and you can’t go wrong with what you order.  The cocktail was a custom creation and I’m guilty of not remembering what was in it unfortunately but wine wise I did love our Tantalus Riesling.


We all ordered a bunch of appies and shared them, this is the Venison Carpaccio. Sliced paper-thin the venison was delicious and melted in my mouth. The rest of the plates ingredients provided nice texture and tang. In the world of carpaccio this was a delicious example.


RauDZ Poutine with Confit Chicken Leg, Artisan Cheese Curds and Pan Gravy was really good although it did have too much gravy which made the fries soggy. Even with the over saucing I ended up cleaning the bowl!

Lastly we had the Steelhead Gravlox with Rye Bread. The bread was spread with a cheese mixture and I can’t remember what it was called but it did have a slight tang to it along with being well seasoned it worked perfectly with the fish. The gravlox was bold in flavor and like the venison it melted in my mouth. To add another level of savory flavor the onions were perfect.

Everyone ordered their own main and we didn’t sample each other’s so I’m just giving general descriptions below.


Hand made Gnocchi with Arugula Pistou and Pine Nuts.


The RJB: Ultimate Burger-Beef Tenderloin, Crab, Bacon, Onion Jam, Brioche, Potatoes with Duck Fat Mayo


I went with the beef special of the night, it was a tenderloin with braised radishes, and beets, a polenta cake and pommes puree with a civeche style scallop on top.  I really loved the tenderness of the meat and how it was cooked-just how I like.  The beet and braised radishes were a great accompaniment to the dish both flavor and texture wise.  The polenta cake was light on the overall seasoning but had a nice crisp texture on the outside.


The fish catch of the night was the Olive Oil Poached Ivory Salmon, Gin Compressed Cucumber, Watercress Puree,Fennel and Grapefruit Salad.


Double R Ranch Striploin, Potatoes, Ham Crunch and Sour Cream, Qualicum Blue Cheese and Peppercorn Pan Gravy.


We ended up clearing our way through the dessert menu so obviously the RauDZ Signature Dessert had to be ordered. It’s a double chocolate mashed potato brioche, raspberry sorbet and warm chocolate sauce.  When I heard about the potato brioche I was intrigued, the cake brioche itself was moist and had a good crumb but I did find the chocolate flavor to be on the flat side.  The raspberry sorbet was really good both flavor wise but also texture wise with the ice crystals being small and creamy almost.


I went with the Chocolate Trio, it’s a handmade chocolate soft truffle, Valrhona fudgesicle and chocolate bon-bon.  If you’re a chocolate lover then you’ll definitely want to give this an order.  Out of the 3 different components my favorite was the fudgesicle, the chocolate flavor was nice and rich.  The truffle had a smooth dark chocolate ganache filling and the bon-bon was pretty standard.

Other desserts enjoyed at the table were:


Freshly Churned Blueberry Ice Cream


Warm Rhubarb Citrus Cake with Ginger Ice Cream


White Chocolate Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote and Shortbread Cookie


Chocolate Caramel Crunch-Honeycomb, Salted Caramel Ice Cream & Sauce, Chocolate Pudding.  I did try some of this and I really like the super rich chocolate pudding and the salted caramel ice cream was delicious.

Overall the meal at RauDZ was a great experience and the dishes served pleased everyone at the table.  If you’re visiting Kelowna and looking for a restaurant that really shoes off what the region has to off then you owe it to yourself to book a table at RauDZ Regional Table!  For more information about the restaurant and to check out the menu please click here.

**DisclosureI was a guest of Tourism Kelowna and my transportation, accommodation and all meals were taken care of. I am not receiving any compensation for writing about my experiences and all opinions are 100% my own.  Tourism Kelowna or the businesses mentioned have not reviewed this post before publication.**

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