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Sean Neild

@YVRBCbro on twitter

If you’re interested in having your restaurant, food truck or food related business featured on my blog please feel free to send me a detailed email to the address above.  My images are copyrighted, my property and available to be licensed so please email me regarding use of images.  If you’re a business looking for or to use images please email me regarding usage/shooting rates.

10 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hey – as a chef I really appreciate your site. Just curious, what kind of camera are you shooting your food pics with? The light balance seems really good.


    • Hey thanks for your comment and interest in my blog!, I’m using a Nikon D3000 to shoot with and a 35mm lens that let’s in a lot of light combined with a circular polarizer filter to cut glare

  2. Cooking a BBQ for 600 people end of the month. Looking for a great 4″ bun for the pull pork sandwiches. Any suggestion on a bakery. Thanks

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